Established in November 26, 2001 with only Php 62,500, Xurpas Inc. has grown into the largest consumer technology company in the Philippines. Originally founded to provide mobile digital content to telecommunications operators, the company now offers a complete portfolio of products and services ranging from mobile casual games, messaging, web & mobile applications development to enterprise solutions.

On December 2, 2014, Xurpas Inc. went public in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE:X) to expand its reach in Southeast Asia. Today, it is the largest listed consumer technology company in Southeast Asia with a market capitalization of over $680 million.


After the IPO in December 2014, the company began building its vision of the mobile future with strategic investments and acquisitions. With this, Xurpas Enterprise Inc. leverages the extensive mobile technology expertise across Xurpas and its affiliated companies to help its clients mobile-enable their businesses in the Philippines and in Asian emerging markets.

We now provide a rich portfolio of mobile enterprise solutions in HR, Marketing, Analytics, Knowledge Management, and Custom Development.

Xurpas Enterprise continues to expand in Asia - putting the Philippines on the world technology map.


Storm is an HR technology firm that develops solutions through the use of theoretical frameworks, process-efficient procedures and advanced mobile technologies, all bound by HR principles. Through the years, it has grown to be one of the leading startups in Asia and is looking to expand to neighboring South East Asian countries.

Yondu is a technology solutions company that offers mobile value-added services along with the development of mobile content. It specializes in information technology staffing, placement and augmentation, custom software development, mobile applications and solutions, and website development.

Seer is a software consultancy, design, development and managed-services company that focuses on mobile, cloud and data technologies. It is also an Amazon Web Services Managed Partner, where it also delivers back-end solutions for both mobile and web platforms.

Fluxion is a platform developer and solutions provider that offers mobile and internet services to the major industry players in the country. It has grown to be a key player in the local web and mobile applications industry where it makes platform development, project management, technical manpower augmentation and even social media strategy management available for its clients.

MicroBenefits provides HR solutions to improve the work experience and company engagement of employees especially line workers without sacrificing cost savings. Its value-driven line of products contribute to improvement of productivity, reduction of turnover rates and increase of employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Einsights is a Singapore-based company that develops a cloud-based business analytics tool to aid in the upload and analysis of multiple data sources. The company has offices worldwide and serves different industries across the globe as well.

Zowdow is a US-based company that develops a search engine for mobile devices. It aims to reinvent search to allow others to access information more quickly.