Flexible Benefits

FlexBen is a program that gives employees the power of choice. It allows them to maximize their benefits by converting them into points which could be used to purchase products & services in an exclusive online marketplace. Based on surveys, this resulted to 16% increase in retention, 12% increase in employee engagement and 6% increase in benefit awareness.

Rewards & Recognition

Boost employee confidence and productivity through a total motivation platform, empowering employees to earn and redeem incentive points in an exclusive online market

Employee Communications

Engage better with employees through mobile technology.

IT Staff Augmentation

Broaden your company's resources and meet fast-changing requirements with our pool of project managers and technical experts.

IT Recruitment and Placement

Efficiently screen, process, and hire employees.

Employee On-boarding

Enhance employees' professional experience with training, engagement, and rewards programs.
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Mobile Customer Engagement

Enhance your customers' brand experience with the latest in mobile and web technology such as Augmented and Virtual Reality

Marketing Campaign Management System

Easily manage your mobile app or SMS marketing campaigns and promos. Track customer engagement and make real-time updates

Online Marketplace

Optimize your reach without the limitations of a physical store.

Electronic Direct Mailer

Keep your customers updated on the latest company news and promos direct to their inbox
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Data Analytics

Optimize business processes and gain insights on consumer patterns through business data and market trends, so you can make more informed business decisions.

Data Visualization

Gather data from multiple sources and present information professionally. With easy-to-use interactive visualization, drill down into charts and graphs for more detailed querying and analysis. 
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Booking System

Centralize reservations, compute payments, monitor inventory, and streamline business administration.

Inventory System

Efficiently manage inventory and delivery with a mobile ordering application.

Building Security System

Verify the identities and agenda of personnel coming in & out of building premises through QR codes or pass codes.
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your brand's interaction throughout the customer life cycle. Get automated insights based on data analytics.

Smart Agents

Simulate intelligent conversations with multiple users thru a chatbot. Standardize customer spiels and maximize operations without additional headcount
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Mobile Applications

Web Solutions

Cloud Services